Dolporn Sereratana

Dolporn Sereratana

Experience Designer


Visualising Skills
Creative Thinking
Conceptual Thinking

As a child who loved to express her imagination through drawing, Dolporn chose her life to follow on the creative side and studied in communication design at Srinakharinwirot University. After graduating, her first job experiences involved with illustrative work and visual graphics. The big shift began when she pursued a master degree in design management at Northumbria University where she found how the value of design can contribute to business and society. She came back to Thailand with a new mindset and join a transformative journey with FireOneOne. She attempts to use design to create a positive impact on human and enhance business growth. Additionally, she also interests in how innovation and design can transforming Thailand.

Her personal pleasures are to read books and articles, sightseeing for inspiration and exploring wide ranges of music