Arumphorn Iamwoot

Arumphorn Iamwoot

Business Development Lead


Critical and creative thinking
Project management
Storytelling and Data visualization
Brand strategy

With the passion for design and business, Arumphorn has eagerly immersed herself in work as a creative designer to commit driving business successes for a variety types of business; single customer, small and mid-sized agencies. After getting the degree of MFA in Design Innovation, Srinakharinwirot University, Arumphorn has geared toward her career with the core belief and ambition that ‘every businesses will be successful with the well-planned utilization of the human-centered design to the solution’

Furthermore, after long-time observing the global trend, She has started to collaborate her work perspectives in the value of design in order to optimize the best services and products for the end-user. 

In her spare time, Arumphorn enjoys travelling, reading and glowing indoor plants.