Arana Anantachina

Arana Anantachina

Asst. Head of Innovation Lab


Innovation management
Strategic Planning
Futures Study – Strategic Foresight, Discourse Analysis
Design Theories and Practice – Designerly Thinking, Speculative and Critical Design

Arana is a future speculator and learner in the milieu of design, futures and innovation. ‘Design’ is her fundamental expertise which shapes her to become an empathetic individual who makes sense out of the present complexity to critically and creatively identify innovation opportunities emerging in the futures. Practising design allows her to manage and learn under an uncertain, ambiguous and chaotic space, in-between of present and futures. Being able to capture values in this paradigm and turn it into innovation that affects the context, is what she called ‘innovation management’.

Arana uses design methodologies and futures study as a navigator to pursue innovation. She believes that this cross-disciplinary is a probing tool to explore and experiment with preferable futures and its underlying innovation opportunities that concern not only users’ needs, but also what people need as a citizen, what might be social, economic, political, technological and environmental change to create a collectively better quality of life.