Our Story

For over 10 years, FireOneOne has been anticipating and creating the design and technology that makes business more productive.

Frequently, our clients are the first company in their industry that effectively implements innovation in their business.


The Year of Mobile First

After Steve Jobs introduced the iPad to the world in January 2010, we immediately thought about how the technology could benefit real estate salespersons. From this first step to Digitalisation, our customer, Sansiri Public Company Limited got the most important sales information that the company has never seen before. The Digital Sales Kit was born to be the most effective sales tool to date.


Prototyping the Smart Home

In the same year, FireOneOne was assigned to make a smart home system for the prototyping house of MQDC, the real estate company, which became the first project in Thailand that started testing and using the smart home system in the real housing project.


HomeService The Platform Economy

In 2011, we began to test the platform prototypes in the luxury real estate project named Quattro in Soi Thonglor, Bangkok. Afterward, the mainstream of mobility came to consumers. In 2012, we had 11 joint-testing projects with Sansiri Public Company Limited before implementing the official HomeService Platform in a total of 260 residential projects.

2010 – 2014
Mobile First


Business Transformation

While having more projects with our existing customers such as Sansiri, and many new customers such as SB Furniture and New Materials Business in the Siam Cement Group, etc. We found that there was something missing in our projects to create innovation. Thus, we began to give advice to our customers on how to improve and transform their organization for the digital economy.


The Living Lab

Mr. White, the founder of our company, proposed to Sansiri Public Company Limited to set up a new investment unit as corporate venture capital. SiriVenture Company Limited took place as a tool to invest in PropTech in order to build new innovations and cooperate with startup companies. Mr. White was the first CEO of SiriVenture.


Innovation Services

In 2018 we established a new innovation consulting unit, servicing to SC Asset PCL, Rama 9 Hospital PCL, Ananda Development PCL, and TMT Steel PCL, which started from assessing the organization’s Innovation Readiness, training a new mindset and skillsets to their people, and collaborating with the company’s innovation teams.

2014 – 2018
Data / Digital / New Business Platform


Food Lab

As resource scarcity grows, FireOneOne became interested in sustainability, including the future of food that humans will consume. As a matter of safety, quality, and production efficiency are becoming even more crucial, we decided to set up our own Food Lab to find the new answers for the future of food.


Computational Design for Architect

We realized the future of design will have algorithms and AI as a significant part of the tools. In order to reduce the repetitive works of designers, we started using the software to design some of our works. For example, when we design the layout of the housing project that calculates the business proportion of the project at the same time, the computer can work faster and faster from all the conditions that the designer put into. Some tasks that used to take one and a half month to accomplish, our algorithms can be completed within a few hours, while providing many more options to choose from.


Algorithm in Actions

Before we digitalise most of the things in some business, a proof of concept should be setting up and run.

2018 – Today
Vision / People / Culture / Innovation


Innovation Culture

Every company wants to change so many things in the first half of 2020, a year to remember. Great effects from the global pandemic, tough competition, CDG Group & G-Able Company Limited wants to push the whole organization to a new level. C&G Discovery 2020 is an innovation culture program for the first group of C&G’s employees to get the real experiences of Tech Entrepreneurship.


Redesign a Whole Banking Experience

How could we deliver ubiquitous services to consumers in terms of banking? One of the largest bank in Thailand commissioned FireOneOne to study their consumer behaviors. We came up with surprising typologies and lead to re-designing a whole experience of banking service.


FireOneOne’s Manifesto

1 — We always go with the Unknown We embrace ambiguity and explore what others have not yet imagined.

2 — We think beyond the obvious We dig deep to understand and finds clarity in complexity.

3 — We solve real problems for real people We are driven by hope, not fear, to ask better questions, and to challenge the status quo.