Business Development Lead

Business Development Lead

About the job – Business Development Lead

FireOneOne is in search of a forward-thinking Business Development Lead, who will develop several kinds of innovation; products, services, businesses, tackle all aspects of the innovation process, and moreover to consistently grow the capability and push the edges across disciplines.

What FireOneOne Will Offer

  • Get to work on with leading organisations and their leading team to transform their business towards the digital economy.
  • Stay on the cutting edge of the rapidly changing world and design how the business should contend through 3 balanced perspectives; design, business and technology
  • Get to work with people come from diverse backgrounds (like experience designer, business development, creative technologists and data systematic designer)
  • Get to build up a ’T-shaped knowledge model’ that expands more diverse knowledge into business, design and technology fields.

Once Here You Will

  • Perform business research from business and user point of view to uncover deep insights
  • Develop a growth strategy and new business model innovation in the digital economy together with the multidisciplinary team and construct ideas into compelling proposals
  • Develop digital and data strategy that lead to business transformation
  • Define business challenges, needs and opportunity through empathic conversations
  • Collaborate with clients to identify and prioritize their near and long term goals
  • Manage a project timeline and client expectation as a project manager  
  • Be a key contact with the clients

Experience & Mindset

  • You have 4+ years of experience in business development or innovation consultancy
  • You have substantial relevant experience in B2B Business Development, with a strong focus on designing proposals and closing deal
  • You are experienced in building relationships at C-level of global enterprises
  • You are well-rounded, fast-thinking, nimble, adaptable and thrive in a fast-moving environment – always open to new ideas 
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and a restless heart.
  • You are keen on exploring unfamiliar areas where are not on your specialisation.
  • You are good and enjoy working as a team; be collaborative, positive and always give constructive feedback.

Business Craft

  • Ability to see the real needs behind a client’s brief. Analyse and construct proposals that meet their requirements or even beyond their expectations
  • You are a creative and forward-thinking business development who can think beyond today and foresee the future opportunity
  • You have a strong interest in human-centric design, corporate innovation, new business models and next-generation technologies
  • You have hands-on experience in Design Thinking and innovation frameworks.
  • You are fluent in fundamental Business Development skills:
    –  Ability to capture the value of ideas and turn them to be real business value.
    –  Strong knowledge of business frameworks e.g. BMC, Market analysis etc.
    –  Ability to perform a business landscape research & analysis


You possess strong verbal and written communication skills and be masters in the art of persuasion to strategically get your point across. You are comfortable with communicating in both Thai and English.

Application Requirements & Instructions

If you identify with our values and would love to contribute to our studio,

  • Submit your resume and cover letter via the link below. You should get an update or response within max a week
  • 1st interview via Zoom meeting (+- 45 minutes)
  • 2nd interview with CEO (+-60 min)
  • Exercise interview (+-120 min) – a small exercise will be assigned.